• Leadership Development teamThe Leadership Development and Continuous Improvement Office works with school and district leaders to engage in an ongoing effort to improve the services and processes of 香港二四六开奖免费资料大全District One through data-driven, incremental improvement over time. 

    The department helps leaders understand the practices, rules, and values of the district as it pursues the district’s vision and system commitments. 

    By collaborating across offices and schools, the team helps create coherence and streamline work, while building the leadership capacity of all school and district leaders.

    The office also oversees the 香港二四六开奖免费资料大全District One Executive Leadership Program which enhances and sustains a culture of continuous improvement system wide. The Leadership Standards and Continuum that govern the program create a competency-based system for recruitment, selection, assessment and evaluation; development and support; and advancement. 

    The primary goals of the program are to:

    • Increase student achievement, outcomes, and opportunities by developing instructional leaders at all levels

    • Equitable learning outcomes for all

    • Retention of high-performing employees

    • Transparency of development and hiring processes at all leadership levels

    • Staff ownership, engagement and commitment to the leadership development process

    The Leadership Development and Continuous Improvement Office seeks innovative grant opportunities to support strategic initiatives, both large and small. The Coordinator of Grants works with teachers and other staff members to research funding opportunities, develop grants, and ensure the successful implementation of funded projects.

    The Leadership Development and Continuous Improvement Office also provides opportunities to support the professional learning and growth of all district staff members. The Professional Learning coordinator works with teachers, administrators, and other staff members to create professional learning plans for schools, provide graduate coursework, and provide other professional learning activities that all support the district's mission and vision.

    香港二四六开奖免费资料大全District One leadership continuum and leadership standards

    Grant opportunities