We believe there is no better way for you to learn about your child’s school than by volunteering and attending your child’s school activities and events.

    香港二四六开奖免费资料大全 One values the individuals who volunteer in our schools. Senior citizens, parents, grandparents, business partners, community members, and others give their time and talents as volunteers to help our students. The students benefit by getting extra help from a positive adult role model and the volunteers benefit from knowing that they positively impact the life of a child.

    Our district continues to grow with 500 new students a year. With that growth, we need and use more volunteers than ever.

    We do many things to ensure our students’ and staff’s safety. For instance, each school has a comprehensive visitor management system called Raptor Technologies located at the front desk. This system instantly performs a sex offender registry screening for databases in all 50 states on each visitor every time he or she visits. Each visitor must sign in and out when in a school, regardless of the time of day.

    Should the system flag an individual for any reason, the system will automatically and privately alert the front office staff and the school’s administrators. Those administrators will then talk to the individual and work through any issue.

    To be approved as a volunteer, you must complete an application and a criminal history screening. For further instructions on how to apply as a volunteer, please contact your child’s school. The approval process can take two to four weeks for completion. Applications are required annually.

    All visitors and volunteers must wear visitors’ badges in plain sight at all times while on school grounds or at school-related events or activities.

    A summary of your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act can be found .



  • General Volunteer Guidelines

  • Field Study Guidelines